Giveaway#7: Win 3 UnoTelly 1-month Gold Subscriptions For Free

Good news guys, we are ready with another Giveaway. In the last post we had reviewed about the service of UnoTelly which allows us to watch the international channels that are actually blocked in India.
Win 3 UnoTelly 1-month Gold Subscriptions For Free

A brief info about UnoTelly from previous post:
UnoTelly or UnoDNS is a DNS based system. What it simply does is that it tricks major content libraries like Netflix into thinking that you are streaming the content from next door. Unlike VPN solutions, UnoTelly is very fast because there is no “middle-man” between you and the website you want to stream. That makes it an ideal – for streaming service. Furthermore, UnoTelly can be used on every device supports DNS tweaks (videogame consoles, tablets, iPads and more) in contrast of the majority of VPNs which can be used only on PC.

Here we are giving away 3 FREE 1-month Gold subscriptions from UnoTelly. Participate in the Giveaway program and win an account and enjoy watching the videos from the premium service for free of cost.

Note: One who earns more points will win the accounts.

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  1. gautamcool1

    Thnxx for this Great giveway Pavan…..

  2. Sai Ram Somu

    very great give away… Thanks for posting it….

  3. Sai Kumar

    Hi Pavan, Great Giveaway! Done all the Steps and Count me in. Thanks a lot for the Giveaway :)

    • Pavan Somu

      Welcome to the Giveaway Sai.. Good luck :)

  4. Koundeenya

    Lovely giveaway Pavan! I hope I win

    • Pavan Somu

      Thanks for the compliment Koundeenya.. Stay tuned for more Giveaways.

  5. Lakhyajyoti

    Great giveaway. Surely I’ll participate.

  6. Guppu Boss

    Great.. Best of luck to participants (Y) i don’t watch tv online :d

  7. Victoria

    Great Giveaway, will try to take part in it, though as far as I see a competition is rather high already, but the prize is certainly worth it, thank you

  8. Muhammad Talha

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway i m in the contest now hope i will win this….
    i have never seen such giveaway on any other blog….

  9. ramesh krishna

    Thanks for the Wonderful Give away

  10. Vishaka Raj

    Great Giveaway plzz count me….

  11. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Wow amazing giveaway, way looking for spootify since a long time..

    any ways thanks.

  12. Kuldeep

    Well first of all i would like to thanks you for awesome giveaway.. yes all things in giveaway are amazing and interesting. Would join it now.

    Thanks, Hoping to be a lucky winner.

  13. Rabia Akram

    Good for watching videos at amazing speed…

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